Tuesday, February 9, 2010

He said that he would make me cry

My adviser just returned Chapter 3 to me with revisions and comments. When we embarked on the dissertation stage of this process, he said that he would make me cry, that he has made all his doctoral students cry! I asked him if I should just start crying now and get it over with!

Thankfully, as an older student, I have had other people make me cry - personally, or professionally, even as a student at a different institution. After awhile, you just say, hey, he or she made a comment - wonder what I can get out of it.

The good news is that he tore up Chapter 3, AND gave me specific directions on what he wants and where he wants it. He is known for his attention to detail, which is one of the many reasons I wanted him as my adviser.

I do get to giggle, though. Since my dissertation is a replication and extension of one of my advisers most recent dissertations, I forwarded that dissertation's research list to my helpful librarian. The librarian is not affiliated with the college that I am attending for my Ph.D. She took the time to point out numerous APA errors - what a delightful time that was! Considering that my adviser missed some of those details when he approved the document - however, I won't tell him.... I might make him cry!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Working the plan inside out - but still working....

Life just doesn't happen as it should, does it?

My timetable was to complete my three-chapter proposal by October 2009. The reality was that I barely got Chapter 1 done by mid-December, then asked my dissertation committee to meet so that I could provide them with an update to see if I was on track or not. My six-month sabbatical was about to start at that time, along with the experiment part of the dissertation was also to begin, so the timing was crucial.

Because my topic is a replication and expansion of another dissertation under the same professor, much grace was allowed. As of today, my experiment is 25% done, I just submitted Chapter 3 - now I go backwards to complete the partially-written Chapter 2.

I must say that it did take a few days (weeks?) to adjust to NOT going to work - sounds crazy, huh? Moving from days of insane pace to one of reflective study is not a switch that I made easily. However, I feel 'in the groove' now and hope that I can accelerate my speed with the writing. Actually, keeping this blog helps me - even if no one other than me reads it - some sense of sanity, I guess!