Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Working the plan inside out - but still working....

Life just doesn't happen as it should, does it?

My timetable was to complete my three-chapter proposal by October 2009. The reality was that I barely got Chapter 1 done by mid-December, then asked my dissertation committee to meet so that I could provide them with an update to see if I was on track or not. My six-month sabbatical was about to start at that time, along with the experiment part of the dissertation was also to begin, so the timing was crucial.

Because my topic is a replication and expansion of another dissertation under the same professor, much grace was allowed. As of today, my experiment is 25% done, I just submitted Chapter 3 - now I go backwards to complete the partially-written Chapter 2.

I must say that it did take a few days (weeks?) to adjust to NOT going to work - sounds crazy, huh? Moving from days of insane pace to one of reflective study is not a switch that I made easily. However, I feel 'in the groove' now and hope that I can accelerate my speed with the writing. Actually, keeping this blog helps me - even if no one other than me reads it - some sense of sanity, I guess!

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